Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Well Im sorry its been a while since thye last post but been a bit busy and not enough time to post but here we are at Ningaloo camped just behind the frontal dunes about 50mtrs from the beach.
Preparing for the trip up here from sth of perth some 1200 klms sth of us was expensive as we had to stock up on evrything that we needeed for at least 2 weeks plus other stuff as we are in a pretty remote area closest shopping is 300klm round trip to exmouth.
The fishing has been good and the weather allthough a bit windy has been great and we have been swimming most days snorkelling and watching the reef fish as well from the boat and the Kayaks.
The extra weight that I was carrying in the car and Van comming up has taken its toll on the rear shocks as I found out a couple of days ago that I had a broken shockie in the rear but as luck had it Relatives of Micks son was comming up yesterday and he bought up a new pair for me and I'm very gratefull for him doing this for us and they have all been fitted to the car today and all is well again
Better get going as its beer time and maybe a swim before that

Saturday, April 2, 2011


We have moved down to Donnybrook nr Bunbury sth of Perth for a week or so staying at Vickies sisters farm. We had a camp oven pork roast last night and it was pretty good I must say.Ned and Vickie had a big night Mick and I were very well behaved was a great night around the fire. The stars here of a night are very bright. We have finally started to sit back and relax now we have reached the west coast and with great company our mates Mick and Vicky. Mick and Vicky are really biting on the bit for the 15th April to arrive as Pop, Vickies elderly dad is flying out to Melbourne to stay at Daughters there and then they can get away to Ningaloo with us Tagging along for a few months of fishing, swimming and snorkling and just totally relaxing. The sticker in my previous post is so true Sundays are so tiring LOL Kimbo

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Safety Bay

Hi everyone here we are at Safety Bay South of Perth till the weekend before we leave and head south to Donneybrook to the Bros sis in laws farm for a few days R&R.

The weather is perfect 30+ deg everyday.

The next couple of weeks will be spent getting ready to head to Ningaloo I have organised allready for the boat motor service and we are booked in

Not much to say here tonight but alls good


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Credo stn

Here we are tonight at a place I can't pronounce but about 300klm + east of Perth. The Nullabor crossing was good but very wet we saw it at its' best a green state. We now have a better understanding of what to expect on the way home and will spend more time on the way back. We have been at Credo Station 70 klm nth of Coolgardie for the last 5 or so days Credo being a 1.1 million acre stn and the host Al and Sharron were great people and when we are heading home will be heading there again for a stop over. Being at Credo and so remote really gives a understanding of how HARD life must have been in the old days considering in 2011 they still only have Generater power backed up by solar and the nights are so DARK walking a few meteres can be so hazardous as I found out LOL ,bloody stumps and the granite rocks plus a face dont mix a few battle scars and a bit of blood. To be continued. Photos will be posted soon. Kimbo

Monday, March 21, 2011

spot the lizard

Here we are at Camp 4 w310 after xing the Nullabor what a long drive and all straight rds and BLOODY expensive fuel dearest being $1.99 a litre and having a headwind didn't help either yesterday, today was a bit better.The weather has been different as well raining,yes since we left streaky bay and the country across the nullabor is very green to say the least .
We will be going to Creedo stn tomorrow reference being look 70klm nth Coolgardie Rowlands lagoon Camps4 w340 closest points and I will update when we leave there dont know when that will be hopefully with a bit of yella metal in me pocket will see LOL
Till we next have service which will probably be a SUNDAY cyas

We will be leaving our campsite here tomorrow heading for a stn called Creedo which is closer to camps w340 in camps 4 and will haqve no acces to ph or anything else from my understanding. The property is 70 k nth of Coolgardie if any one wishes to have a look

Spot the Lizard?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Penong SA

After 2 days at Streaky bay and rain both days glad to be out of their the van park I cant recommend reminded us both of the parks in Broome very unsociable and very clicky IMO.
We did meet a couple of Bushtracker owners (locals) Heather and Lloyd whom Heather knocked on our door asking if we were the couple who were looking to buy a Bushtracker van (micks set up) NOT LIKELY was the response but we enjoyed a morning coffee at the local bakery with them then a BBQ tea with them at there beautifull home overlooking the streaky bay then again this morning I saw them on their morning walk around the town and we were invited around to replenish the water tank and morning tea.Lovelier people you would never meet.

We are now at Penong and will refuel in the morning as this is the last fuel (cheap) till Norseman 1200klm away and we are not sure of anything from here as we have never travelled these rds before.

The weather the last 4 days hasn't been the best and has been raining, the locals would probably say heavy rain enough be a PITA.

So till we next get coverage I will update then.

PS to Glenn and Brian have been in contact with Alan at Creedie stn? and will be definately be calling in for a stay on way over and on way bak home

Continuing our travels on Sunday